Before World Cancer Day, celebrated on Monday, the country’s largest medical institute, AIIMS, has been stunned by the geographical report coming out with cancer patients.

In the last two years, most patients from Delhi and UP have come for treatment. Doctors claim that more than 50 percent of AIIMS patients are from cancer patients. The objective of the 62nd Annual Report of AIIMS is to identify the state-wise position of cancer and take concrete steps at the local level. According to the report, about 320 patients die every year in AIIMS.

According to doctors of AIIMS, cancer is spreading rapidly even in Uttarakhand. In nearly two years alone, nearly 700 patients have reached AIIMS from Uttarakhand alone. Doctors are also worried about the spread of cancer in Uttarakhand. They believe that despite the pure environment there should be separate research to know the cause of growing cancer. According to the report, most of the patients from Haryana are reaching AIIMS in a critical condition. According to doctors, these patients can now get treatment on time after the cancer institute started in Jharkhand’s floods.

·         The highest mortality rate of cancer in AIIMS

AIIMS operates about 42 departments and 7 centers. Each year 35 to 40 lakhs patients are being treated. The highest mortality rate of patients admitted in all these departments is most cancerous. During the year 2017-18, the mortality rate of cancer patients registered 25 percent. While the average death rate of the entire institute has been seen in 1.8 percent.

·         Half-patient children taking chemo in AIIMS

According to the data, 16,357 patients were given chemotherapy in 14034 and 2017 in 2016. Of these, the number of children is 8198 and 8603 respectively. AIIMS senior cancer expert says that cancer cases in children have increased. Surgery cannot be done at an early age. Therefore, there are more children in chemo.

·         Lung cancer patients also increased

AIIMS senior doctor told that lung cancer has increased in the last few years. AIIMS is currently treating 2653 cancer patients. He said that more than 450 new cancer patients are being recorded in AII alone annually.

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