5 unique proposal ideas that are perfect way to impress your partner!

February is here and love is already in the air. Couples all around the world are bound to get busy planning the perfect gift ideas and surprises for their partners. Proposals are also in preparation for the D-day.

Valentine Day is right around the corner, and everyone are gearing up for however instead of being predictable like everyone else, why not try to impress your partner in some other way.

Sometimes it is best to surprise him or her with a proposal that suits his or her personality the best rather than choose the everyday conventional gifts and celebrations.

For the adventure loving partner

Proposing on a Hot Air Balloon

If your partner loves adventure, he or she will never like the conventional rose and ring kind of proposal. Instead why not propose on route to an adventure sport like Bungee Jumping, Paragliding or on a Hot Air Balloon?

If these ideas seem slightly expensive or not feasible then go on an Amusement Park tour and propose during one of the crazy rides?

Certainly a memory for a lifetime because he or she will never forget your effort.

For the animal loving partner

Proposing with an adoption

Animal lovers are always very compassionate and kind people who hates to even torture an ant. Proposing them with a perfect pet instead of a ring is certainly going to make them giddy with happiness.

If buying or adopting a pet cannot be a choice, then why not try to propose at a location that has tonnes of animals. A zoo or an animal shelter seems like the perfect spot for that. Right?

He or she will definitely never forget that you appreciate her effort in helping and loving these innocent beings.

For a food loving partner

In the world of salad and diet crazy individuals, it is rare to find someone who truly appreciates food. if your partner loves to eat and experiment with food, then try out a gastronomical surprise for her instead of a candle light dinner proposal.

Take him or her on a food street tour of all the famous outlets strewn across the city. It does not need to be a famous Michelin star restaurant. Instead choose all those places both of you visited or were planning to visit someday. Propose her on the go and see how impressed she gets with your en-devour.

For the partner who loves to watch TV

If your partner loves to watch Television, then getting a annual or lifetime Amazon and Netflix subscription might sound like the perfect idea for gift. But how can you include a proposal in the plan?

Contact one of those operators or channels and video record your proposal, so that it can be shown live on Television as you both are watching a TV series. Interesting and definitely worth remembering lifelong.

For a dance loving partner

If your partner loves to dance, there is no other best way to propose than do it as you match step by step on the dance floor itself.

Take a lesson in the dance form she is well equipped at and then let your steps and music do the rest. If you are a person who has two left feet, then the effort will be more appreciated.

These ideas are perfect and unconventional because they can help you showcase your true feelings for your partner and also make it a memory that will last lifelong. Most importantly every proposal idea depicts the personality of your partner and thus definitely showcases how much you value that specific nature of her.

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