7 Signs to Know Who Your Real Friends Are

You can have a number of friends. But when it comes to having real friends you only have one or two. But it’s not easy to identify a true friend always. So, here are some best ways to find out whether you have a real friend or just a fake one.

Real Friends for Life

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1.  Trust

They’ll insult you and make fun of you but will never let others do it.

2. Emotional Attachment

It makes you happy when they are happy. If they are sad, it makes you feel the same way. You both truly have an attachment.

3. Care

They do care for you a lot. You can always find them by your side whenever you need them.

4. Constant Contact

Daily phone calls don’t matter anymore, you know they’ll be there for you always.

5. Secrets

You can share any secret with your real friend and you know they won’t share it to anyone. Why? Because you have their dirty secrets too. Lol!

6. Comfort

You don’t like taking bath daily or you feel comfortable eating without brushing your teeth. Eww but chill your real friend knows it all. So you need not have to be fake in front of them.

7. Right Advice

No matter, how hard the truth is or you are not gonna like it at all. Even if it’s going to affect your friendship but they’ll always tell you the right thing to do.

Real friends are very hard to find, so if you have one you’re a lucky fellow. Thank them for being in your life and never let them go!

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