17 YO Ahan Sabharwal Helps Hurricane Affected Victims in Puerto Rico With His App

Ahan Sabharwal, a 17-year old boy from Delhi who devised a ‘Donate to Puerto Rico’ Chrome Extension is already winning hearts worldwide.

Ahan Sabharwal

Ahan Sabharwal
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There would be a few teenagers who wish to bring a change in the world with their innovations and creativity. Ahan Sabharwal recently joined this bandwagon by developing his Chrome Extension, ‘Donate to Puerto Rico’ which further got featured on Product Hunt.

The founder of Product Hunt, Ryan Hoover was awestruck by Ahan’s coding skills and he admitted that he got a chance to learn something out of the box from this coding master. He had no idea if one could ask for money on the Chrome web store.

Ahan got inspired to support the hurricane victims when he saw Trevor Noah’s ‘The Daily Show’. There, he requested everybody to donate just a dollar for aiding the sufferers. But when he was unable to identify a source to donate, he worked a couple of days on developing the Chrome Extension which showcased alluring as well as devastating pictures of Puerto Rico.

Ahan Sabharwal
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With this amazing app, the users can donate whatever amounts of money they’d like. The money made by this app will be contributed to charitable organizations working for the welfare of the affected people.

Ahan says, “This is not just an app, I was attempting to start a movement with this.” His idea behind creating this app was to make it easier for the donors to know if their donation is being used for the exact cause or not.

Ahan started learning programming skills when he was 8. Earlier, he found it difficult to understand the technicalities, but later, he got a hang of HTML online. As the time passed, his teachers asked him how they can make programming and coding enticing for small children.

The inspirational icon for Ahan Sabharwal is Facebook’s founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. He added that Mark is his role model not because he founded a company after dropping from Harvard. What inspires him is the manner he leaves an impact on people’s lives and operates his company.

Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico on 20 September making it tough for residents to have basic amenities such as food, shelter, and clothing. The Mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz Soto requested authorities and the general public to come to their support and save innocent people from dying.


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