Bajrang Dal Gives Out Orders That Forbids The Young Couple From Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Bajrang Dal has clearly given out a statement that clearly opposes any kind of celebration on Valentine’s Day. It has given a strict verdict of forbidding young couples from celebrating this day.

Bajrang Dal’s State convener stated that Valentine’s day does not belong to our country hence they won’t encourage any sort of unnecessary celebrations of this particular day. It is against our Indian culture which should not be practiced amongst the people of this nation.

It came to notice that Bajrang Dal and its people have burn effigy and greeting cards addressing that this is not a festivity for us to celebrate. A group of 20 people was seen to have gathered near Kota and shouting out slogans where it states Valentine’s day is not a part of our culture. It is a western culture incorporated amongst us which is not supported.

Bajrang Dal city secretary Shiva Ramulu said that they will have active participation in holding protests across the whole city against the celebrations on the February 14th. Ramulu even said they will team going around the city on that day keeping an eye on parks, resorts, and pubs. If they happen to find any young men and women indulged on the celebration of this day they will take several actions against them. He mentioned that after consultation from their parents they will be immediately forced into marriage.

Bajrang Dal’s State convener Subhash said that there are numerous pubs and cafes who give out special offers on this day which are not supported by them anyhow. He believes it a way to make more money. His strict words are for young couples to be aware of the fact that there will be patrolling on this day.

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