Top 5 biggest “crybabies” on Bigg Boss’ seasons


There were many ultimate crybabies on Bigg Boss season. In fact, every season had that one participant who used to cry easily even on small arguments. Well, the emotional ride is an essence of every Bigg Boss season and no participant has left experiencing it.

Bigg Boss, a television reality show in India comes as one of the biggest emotional rides for some contestants. The game show is full of spice, drama, emotions, politics, dirty tactics, and what not! The reality show airs for some months and houses several participants. Some of the seasons took only the celebrities from the Bollywood and TV. However, of late, it started taking the “common people” (what you’d have heard as “Aam aadmi”) as participants too.

Cry babies Bigg Boss

The new strategy of the makers didn’t even help them in raising the TRP but also becoming a hit. But what the housemates go through this journey is just unexplainable for many of them. They live in the house for several months and getting into arguments is a common thing. Well, the real trouble occurs when these fights get uglier. Participants start notching up the personal lives of others on the national television and in turn, this affects them to the core.

The Bigg Boss’ journey isn’t easy and only the participants know what they go through while we enjoy taking it up as just a drama. Pulling someone’s past or anything about their personal life in front of billions is a dirty politics. And, while we neglect it by calling it just a game, this hurts them deeply.

Top 5 celebrities who were the crybabies on Bigg Boss

Since season 1 of Bigg Boss, there have been housemates who have cried a lot and couldn’t hold their tears, well, not even for once but many times. And, that’s why they’re on our Bigg Boss’s biggest crybabies list.

Rupali Ganguly

Rupali Ganguly Cry Baby Bigg Boss

From the season 1, we have Rupali Ganguli, a very kind-hearted person who broke into tears at many times in the house. Rupali was often called by the name “crybaby” by other housemates. In an interview taken after here elimination back in 2008, Rupali said, “Every tear that I shed on ‘Bigg Boss’ was genuine. I came out of the experience wounded and cringing. And if I hadn’t been eliminated, I’d have probably jumped the wall and fled.”

Roopal Tyagi

Roopal Tyagi cry baby on Bigg Boss

With cute looks, Rupali has a very soft and sensitive heart. She was in season 9 and given the image of the “crybaby ” since the start of the season. Her ex-boyfriend Ankit Gera was also one of the housemates and she wasn’t happy in having him around her in the house. She often couldn’t control her tears from coming out and declared as a cry baby by the housemates.

Gurbani Judge

Gurbani Judge

Gurbani, better known as VJ Gurbani often lost control of herself and couldn’t hold on the tears from coming out. Well, that’s the house of Bigg Boss. When she entered, many might have thought her a bold and carefree character mainly due to her physique and full of tattoos on the body, But the actions and reactions of the house even made here quite sensitive at some point of time.

Shweta Tiwari

Shweta Tiwari Bigg Boss

She is also famously known by her screen name “Prerna” from the show “Kasauti Zindagi Ki.” Well, the house of Bigg Boss wasn’t lesser than a Kasuati for her. Season 4 housed many personalities and some violent ones came in the house lately as the wild card entries. The Season 4 is famously known for Dolly Bindra’s fights with the housemates and she was one of the reasons that why Shweta used to cry.

Karishma Tanna 

Karishma Tanna Bigg Boss

Karishma Tanna wasn’t only declared a “crybaby” by her housemates but also the “selfish queen” for not giving up her things when the elimination sword was hanging over the heads of most of the contestants. Sometimes, she got misunderstood and sometimes she wasn’t just herself. She’s also known for finding her love, Upen Patel in the show.

So these were some of the crybabies from the Bigg Boss of some seasons. Next season may start in September, so stay tuned and let’s wait for the contestants’ list.

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