You Can Now Stay Fit without Going to the Gym

Stay fit without going to the gym. And if you have no time form gym, just try 30 minutes of walking or just perform 2 hours of chores in a day to stay dynamic.

Stay fit without going to the gym

stay fit without going to the gym
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A study states that one in 12 deaths can be prevented if the person just continued 30 minutes of any physical activity 5 days in a week; in short, you can stay fit without going to the gym.

We have heard it several times before, and even the experts have time and again reminded us that in order to lead a healthy and a fit life, an individual must engage the human body in physical activities. Now by saying all this, we certainly don’t mean for you to spend several hours in the gym. And neither are we inspiring you to participate in extreme forms of sports. You will be so astonished to know that  just spending a mere 30 minutes for walking every day can help you in a great lot way. As per a study that got published in a well-known media outlet, one in 12 deaths can be prevented if the individual just performed any kind of 30 minutes of physical activity, and that too just 5 days a week. The study observed over 1.3 lakh people in 17 different countries. And 24,000 were chosen from India to be a part of this study. WHO (World Health Organization) recommends that all adults who are aged between 18-64 should at least perform 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activities. This should happen throughout the week. And at least twice a week, this age group must perform muscle strengthening exercises to remain healthy and fit.

The researchers, who conducted the study, stacked information on cardiovascular diseases and death for several years. Consequently, they also checked whether those who participated did follow physical the activity guidelines that were advocated by the World Health Organization. While the study was being conducted, researchers found out that of all those who met the guidelines (which was approximately 1.07 lakh), 3.8% developed cardiovascular disease. Now, this was compared to 5.1% of the people (approximately 23,000) who did not follow the guidelines. In short, the risk of loss of life was comparatively higher for all the people who met the guidelines (4.2%), which is compared to 6.4% who didn’t.

Statistics say you can stay fit without going to the gym

The statistics also suggest that if the entire population followed these guidelines, there would be 8% decrease in deaths (meaning 1 in 12 deaths can be prevented) and 4.6% decrease in (1 in 20 cases) the cardiovascular disease cases. If the whole population tried to remain active physically (by religiously performing 750 minutes of any physical activity per week), then 1 in 8 deaths, and 1 in 10 cases of cardiovascular disease could be averted.

Hence, the research displayed that just by exercising for at least 30 minutes in a day, you can reduce your risk of death by a staggering 28%. On the other hand, by just regularly exerting and staying fit without going to gym, the risk of heart disease is lowered by 20%. All this is is not concerned with the type of physical activity that you perform. Obviously, the benefits alleviate when you increase your time of physical activity. For example, people who get to do more than 750 minutes of brisk walking per week can successfully lessened their risk of death. The researchers of this study also mentioned that any kind of physical activity is acceptable enough for people who wish to meet the existing guideline of 150 minutes a week, in order to keep their heart rates in check. Something as simple as daily chores including washing clothes, wiping the floor, gardening, and cleaning your can also greatly help you to keep your body active and healthy.

So, now we have concrete proof that you can definitely stay fit without going to the gym!

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