Christmas: The happy time of the year

The bells’ jingle and beautiful decorations that can be found at every corner of the town mark the onset of Christmas in the town.  Christmas is that time of the year which everyone waits for, for multiple reasons. Be it the Christmas carols or the cakes, Christmas has an important place etched in the hearts of every single person. It’s a special time when children get presents from family, friends and Santa Claus.

Back in the days, only a few variants of cakes were available in the market during the Christmas time. However, with the passing time, more variants of cake are being introduced.

 The most famous one is the Santa Claus cake. This cake generally has a vanilla flavor with chocolate icing on its top. The various layers are separated by cookie crumbs.  The cake is decorated with red and white whipped cream. Moreover, the cake makers tend to place a small leaf on Santa’s hat so as to give it a realistic feeling.  At times the makers even put small designs of red and black colors thereby giving the cake a deep scarlet hue matching it with Santa Clause’ dress.

There are numerous ways in which you can celebrate Christmas. The manner in which Christmas is celebrated is different in different nations. The American people have a completely different approach to Christmas as compared to the people living in the European countries. However, Christmas cake and ice creams continue to bind the people all around the world.

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