From selling ‘dhaniya’ to ruling bollywood: Nawazuddin Siddiqui on Kapil Sharma Show

We’re here for your Monday motivation. Nawazuddin Siddiqui sets the best example for monday motivation. The inspiring rags to riches story of Nawazuddin

Manto actor is currently busy promoting his upcoming release Thackeray, he reached the sets of Kapil Sharma’s comedy talk show along with his co-star in the movie, Amrita Rao. And that is where the actor shared some interesting tales from his struggling past.

When people questioned him

In an interview with DNA India, he talks about the reactions from his friends and relatives upon his stardom. He said, “It’s a sense of satisfaction because I proved all of them wrong. All of them said ‘kya hero banega (how will he become a hero)’ when I set out. When I go back now they say ‘isne toh karke dikhaya (he has done it)’. I made it possible.”

He quips and tells us that he realised his beauty only when he went abroad. “I didn’t realise that I was beautiful while I was here in India. Thank god, for my mother and friends, who told me that I’m pretty or else I’d have been depressed ki dekho mai kaala hu, height bhi kuch nahi hai meri. So, there are some people, some friends who gave me a confidence boost and I’m thankful for that.”

Proud ‘dhaniya’ seller in The Kapil Sharma Show

They told that they used to sell coriander at one time. Once he bought a coriander of 200 rupees from a vegetable person and got out to sell it. But the leaves of coriander began to dry quickly (brown), then it got entangled with it to bring the vegetable back. Then he told the vegetable that if the water is constantly spraying on coriander, then it will remain green throughout the day. But coriander had dried up completely till then. Nawaz, who had 200 rupees, went away and no money was left. He then went to Mira Road home without a ticket from the local train.

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