Healthy Hair Alert – 4 Oils That Nourish Your Hair Naturally!

Straight, wavy or curls, no matter what type of hair you have, healthy, strong and beautiful hair never go out of fashion. Be it our current lifestyle, pollution or chemicals; all these have severely damaged our hair. Though this damage seems irreparable, the traditional way of oiling will never disappoint you! Many oils have magical qualities and nutrients in abundance, which can treat any hair damage. All you need to know is which oil you should use for what condition.

Dandruff Problem? – Almond oil puts an end to it!

Though it is suitable for almost all hair types, Almond oil is a pro in treating Dandruff along with reducing hair breakage and enhancing hair growth. It is light and glutted with magnesium, Vitamin E, Omega3 and anti-oxidants. Just warm it up, massage your scalp and leave it for 30 minutes. That’s all you need for beautiful Dandruff-free hair.

Need soft and thick hair? – Try Coconut oil

We Indians are obsessed with Coconut oils, and so are our moms. A traditional hair massage is incomplete without coconut oil. The reason isn’t too difficult to crack though! It naturally repairs your damaged hair with the lauric acid found in it that makes them healthy and soft. Just apply and feel the mom’s magic!

Frizzy and Dry Hair? – Argan Oil is your aid!

No matter how dry or frizzy hair you have, this oil which originally hails from Morocco, is treasured with Vitamin E and fatty acids that nourish your hair and leave them naturally shiny and beautiful! All you need to do is warm up the oil a little and apply from scalp and tips.

Winter Dryness – Beat it up with Olive Oil

Winter is harsh on hair and skin both and Olive is a saviour if you are dealing with this! It deeply nourishes your hair and is a natural deep conditioner. Applying olive oil twice a week and grow your hair faster while improving the texture drastically!

After all, a few experiments for improving your hair texture never hurt, right?

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