How’s The Josh? VERY HIGH Sir! : Uri-The Surgical Strike

Not a potboiler! Vicky Kaushal as Major Vihan Shergil leads the team to counterattack the ambush happened in Manipur in 2015. Without wasting the time to build-up things, the story directly takes you to the war field.

The first half majorly builds up the ‘josh’ for the surgical strike and the pre-interval point is where the emotions come to play. Patriotism brilliantly and most important subtly used, hypes up the curiosity for the second half. There are some heroic moments driving away the authentic essence but the story keeps you intrigued.

The Indian Army conducted surgical strikes (on the intervening night of September 28-29, 2016), eleven days after terrorists from Pakistan attacked a military base in Uri in Jammu and Kashmir leaving 19 Indian soldiers dead.

Is this Jingoisim?

We need to ask this question today more than ever. Especially after watching a film that falls in the category of ‘militainment’. This particular film makes for a rather uncomfortable case study. The hullaballoo over the ‘surgical strikes’ – a much abused phrase now synonymous with the Indian Army’s cross-border operation undertaken on 29 September 2016 – makes it difficult to not see it as another element of nationalism blitzkrieg.

What Uri Does Not Do

First and foremost, it does not try too hard to convince you. There is no spotlight on the mandatory Muslim soldier. It also resists the urge to exaggerate the mannerisms of the living people involved. Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Rajit Kapoor), NSA Ajit Doval (Paresh Rawal), Manohar Parrikar, Arun Jaitley and Rajnath Singh are portrayed with utmost restraint on the part of the actors.

The Rip- Roaring music

Challa  is a perfect summing number for the album as it brings together the aggression, patriotism and drive to do something together in its lyrics.

 Jigra is another power packed action song that has been meticulously arranged by Sachdev.

Jagga Jiteya next with some vigour and personality. With two soothing songs Manzar hai ye naya and Beh chala.

The album is one trick pony with every song about action, power, patriotism and determination but most of the songs are so well composed and have such powerful music that one doesn’t miss the typical commercial romantic & party songs that find mass appeal.

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