Indian Cricket Fever To Be Streamed On Netflix In March This Year

Netflix is an online streaming website which happens to engage millions of audiences. Netflix has announced its first ever Indian Cricket documentary on Netflix in March. The documentary is called ‘Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians’ which premiered on the online screen on March 1st.

This is basically a documentary series which will show the journey of Mumbai Indians through the course of Indian Premier League 2018, as they worked their sweat out to defend their crown from 2017. This series has been produced by the very promising Conde Nast Entertainment.

The series is heard to be showcasing all the on and off-field actions. It will bring out a tremendous effort, tension, and hard work that is being put to build up a team. Starting from the auction, choosing members and campaigns and the emotional and stressful journey is being portrayed in this series.

It has documented minute details of a young talent’s personal journey which includes fame, name, pressure, responsibilities, media and newer world and everything else that helps him contribute to his team with much loyalty and dedication.

The team that is led by the captain Rohit Sharma, who has been a very skilled Indian cricketer and contributed well enough to the National team. The owners of the team Mumbai Indians are Nita and Akash Ambani and of course not to be forgotten their skillful coach from Sri Lanka, the legendary Mahela Jayawardene.

Netflix has started their promotion of ‘Cricket Fever’ in their respective social handles and it looks like the country which is strongly connected to the game of Cricket might get hooked on to this documentary series.

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