Kapil Sharma Has Left Rehab Early, And Has Completely Quit Alcohol

Kapil Sharma has reportedly stopped drinking and left the rehab some 28 days ahead of schedule, where he was recovering from alcoholism.

Kapil Sharma

Popular comedian Kapil Sharma, who was not keeping well for quite some time, and was undergoing ayurvedic detox treatment for his alcohol addiction, is out of rehabilitation. Kapil was part of a 40-day rehab programme in Bangalore, but has left rehab 28 days early, and has stopped drinking completely. But according to reports, his comedy show, The Kapil Sharma Show, will only be aired after he has fully recovered.

Kapil is feeling much better. I can sense the changes in him. He had been pushing himself too far during the last few years. He wasn’t taking the warnings seriously. Now, finally, God planned this break for him. And it has done him a world of good. He has stopped drinking completely, at least, for now.

About Kapil leaving the rehab early, the source said it was necessary for Kapil’s new film Firangi, which is scheduled to release in November: He needed to return to Mumbai to complete his film Firangi and start promoting and marketing it for its November release.

Kapil Sharma addressed rumors of his deteriorating emotional and physical condition earlier this month, telling Bollywood Hungama; “Main thoda phisal gaya tha. Abb sambhal gaya hoon (I slipped now I’ve regained composure)”. This was followed by a confession, which was a first from Kapil that he had started drinking heavily. It was so unnecessary and so painful.

Earlier this month, Kapil had opened up about his alcohol addiction. He admitted there was a problem. And he had paid a heavy price for it. But what was reported was grossly exaggerated and almost entirely fabricated. It was said that he got angry and threw a shoe at Sunil (Grover) You’ve known me for some years. Kapil Sharma, who was reputed both for his onscreen persona and his show, began losing personality after this mid-air altercation with Sunil Grover. Kapil was allegedly inebriated during a flight back from Melbourne and assaulted and abused Sunil on board. The Kapil Sharma Show regulars Ali Asgar, Chandan Prabhakar and Sugandha Mishra had quit the show in support of Sunil Grover.

But fans of Kapil will have to wait some more to see The Kapil Sharma Show back on the screen. The show will return only when Kapil has fully recovered. Kapil has realized that health is the most important thing in life. As for the show, it is very dear to him and it is not going anywhere.

Kapil Sharma
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