Kiss Day 2019: Top 8 Quotes to win the heart of your partner

At this time of year, the fragrance of love is scattered in the air and people are engaged in trying to express their love to their partners. One of the most special days of Valentines Week, Kiss Day is here. Here we have discussed the various quotes you can share with your partner on this day and make them feel special. In today’s busy life, opportunities for making beautiful memories are rarely available and if you get an opportunity to make your partner feel special, then do not miss it and make the most out of it.

Check out these top 8 Quotes which will make your partner reminisce the Kiss Day throughout the year.

  • I wish my lips touch your lips
    See where your face just looks
    Our relationship should be something like this.
    Our hearts also get attached to the lips
    Happy Kiss Day!

  • We get the heat from the sun,
    We get water from rain,
    We breathe through air,
    And sweet kiss energize the relationship

    Spend more and more time with your partner to make the kiss Day special. Along with that, please plan some surprise, because the surprise makes any day memorable. You can send romantic, sweet and beautiful mischievous messages, specials and quotes to your partner along with surprise and gifts. These messages are enough to bring a smile on the face. Here we bring some special specials and quotes related to Kiss Day which you can send to your partner on the day of the day.

  • My friendship is also affection
    There is also a treasure of love
    So want to ask you a kiss
    And today is the excuse to ask for
    Happy Kiss Day!

  • “I’m sorry”
    Loving you is my passion,
    Missing you is my habit and kissing you are my wish

  • Do not know when it will be night
    When their eyes will be with our eyes
    We are waiting for that night
    When the lips of their lips will be with our lips
    Happy Kiss Day!

  • I remember
    You kissed me on my lips
    Please KISS me again
    On this KISS day to remember
    My memory on this kiss day
    Happy Kiss Day!

  • Exceeding the limit, you live near you,
    Lives your lips to touch with lips,
    You are my heartbeat heartbeat
    You have to live up to yourself.
    Happy kiss day!

  • Every bird can not dance,
    But peacock do it
    Every friend can not reach my heart,
    But you did it
    Every Flower can not express love,
    But Kiss do it
    Happy Kiss Day!


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