Lata Mangeskar Voices Her Opinion Regarding The Remake Of The Song ‘Mungda’

Bharat Ratna recipient Lata Mangeshkar  is not at all happy with the recent trend of remixing old iconic songs. She has noticeably passed a strong comment in which she stated that no one really asked for their consent before using their songs. It is to be believed that a lot of soul, effort and hardwork used to be put in previous years before creating a song. The roles have changed now and it seems there is no real dedication in the creation.

“Mungda’ has been re-created for the movie ‘Total Dhamaal’ which is starring the very talented Sonakshi Sinha. The song was originally sung by Usha Mangeshkar, the music was created by Rajesh Roshan and the lyricist was Majrooh Sultanpuri. The song originally starred Helen. The song has been remade by three singers namely Jyotica Tangri, Shaan, and Shubho Ganguly and the music director is duo Gourov-Roshin.

The legendary singer told in an interview to the ‘Deccan Chronicle’ that at their times every song was created with a lot of effort, emotion, sensitivity, and care. Just to remake them to rip off the original song and making it into something absolutely uncalled for is not appreciated. Their concerns were not sought before using their songs which is also morally and ethically wrong in front of her.

Mungda is just an addition to the recently remade songs. In recent past there have been songs like, ‘Laila Mein Laila, Raat Baki, Keh du Tumhe’ and the list goes on, has been remade to absolutely new kind of song which might not even be in the same genre.

Rajesh Roshan who has been the original music director of the song had composed the song for 1977 film Inkaar. He has been furious to notice such a carefree attitude towards the past creations. He commented that the filmmakers of today and the music production team do not hold up any confidence to build new songs. They are more convenient in playing around with old songs and killing the essence and its flavor that it was created with. He says the music industry of the recent century lacks inspiration and they are more of precipitation.

The singers and the producers of early music have been at a state of dilemma as to how to react to such carelessness of ruining such legendary songs. The creativity has lowered down to whole another level and the charm is lost.  

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