Mayawati resigns from Rajya Sabha On Tuesday

BSP Supremo Mayawati resigns from Rajya Sabha on Tuesday, hours after she claimed she was disallowed from speaking on atrocities against Dalits.

Mayawati Resigns From Rajya Sabha

Mayawati resigns from Rajya Sabha as she was disallowed from speaking on atrocities against Dalits under the ruling NDA government. She has sent in her resignation to the Vice-President. The former Uttar Pradesh chief minister stormed out of the House earlier today after Deputy Chairman P J Kurien asked her to conclude her impromptu speech on the anti-Dalit violence in Saharanpur. After exceeding her allotted three minutes, Kurien told her that she cannot monopolize the floor.

MAywati Resign From Rajya Sabha
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.Mayawati expressed that she has felt extremely disrespected when the when the ruling party was not allowing her time to present her views on the current issues. She felt if she is not allowed to speak the right thing at the right time then she should not be a part of the House any longer. She was also not allowed to speak about the weaker sections in the House, earlier today. 

Mr. Kurien said she could only call for a discussion after giving a notice under rule 267 that clearly seeks an adjournment of the proceedings to carry forward an issue. No speech to initiate a discussion could be made before that and shall be entertained.

Kurien said that a discussion can begin only after the Chair, on the order of the government, accepts the notice and agrees for a discussion.But, Ms. Mayawati refused to agree to this announcement made. She was already agitated and made a strong comment saying that she has no reason to be in the House if she cannot protect the rights of her own community

After saying she is quitting, she walked out of the House in a bad temper. Mayawati resigns from the Rajya Sabha by giving her resignation later in the day.


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