Highlights of PM Narendra Modi’s Independence Day Speech

While addressing the whole country at Red Fort, these are the show-winning highlights of PM Modi’s Independence Day speech.

Independence Day speech

Independence Day speech
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This was Mr. Modi’s fourth Independence Day speech and this time, he talked about several hot topics such as demonetization, terrorism, GST, Gorakhpur Tragedy case, etc. Let’s discuss a little on all the issues addressed by our worthy PM.

  • New India by 2022

Narendra Modi told that there should be the creation of a New India by the year 2022. All citizens should be dedicated to transforming the country by 75th Independence Day.

  • Gorakhpur Tragedy

PM also broke his silence on the Gorakhpur Tragedy in which around 70 children had died so far. He stated, “In the last few days, some of our innocent children died in a hospital. All the countrymen stand together at this time.”

  • The year 2018 will hold a great significance

As per Modi ji, 2018  will not be just like other years and it will be a turning point for the people who are born in the 21st century. He said that he’d invite all those young souls (turning 18 next year) to be a part of the process to empower India.

  • Country’s Security is of National Importance

Speaking on the surgical strikes that took place on 26 November 2016, PM highlighted how serious the Government is towards national security. Moreover, it spread the word regarding the strength of the country in the entire world. He added that the Indian army is ever-ready to fight terrorism and sacrifice their lives for maintaining peace in the country.

  • Disputes in Kashmir

PM further said that it is government’s priority to develop J&K and maintain harmony in the state. The Kashmir issue cannot be dealt with aggressive measures, but peace. He said that one can see a remarkable change in Kashmir’s condition by taking the Kashmiris along.

  • Demonetization and GST

Showing pride in his brave step towards fighting corruption and black money with demonetization, he said that the authorities became successful in seizing black money of worth Rs. 1.25 lakh crore in three years only. The number of tax bearers rose from 22 lakh to 56 lakh as a result of demonetization. With the implementation of GST, Modi said that it will help the nation to be more economically sound.

Asking people to celebrate the ‘Mahotsav of Honesty’ in his Independence Day speech, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also spoke on other vital issues such as Triple Talaq, communalism and casteism, etc.


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