Nehal Chudasama: All You Need To Know About The Beauty Representing India In Miss Universe 2018

With the preparations of Miss Universe Pageant 2018 in full swing at Pak Kret, Thailand, Indians worldwide are also apprehensive about the 68 th yr of the competition. Nehal Chudasama is gearing up to represent India once again on this prestigious platform.

It has been 18 yrs since Lara Dutta brought the crown of Miss Universe home last, 6 yrs after Sushmita Sen did in 1994. Neha Chadusama has a lot riding on her shoulder. At the mere age of 22, this dusky beauty has seen and experienced a lot. At 5 ft 6 inches Nehal was the almamater of Thakur College of Science and Commerce.

Since a very tender age she wanted to have fame and name. All the hurdles thrown her way could not deter her from her goal. Being bullied lifelong for her dusky complexion; Nehal lost her mother at the very tender age of 13. After battling for a very long period of time with Depression, Nehal finally decided to face reality and work harder to reach her goal.

A Mumbaikar by birth, Nehal has been the brand ambassador of a health drink before her selection at the Miss India Pageant. She has also been emcee at various shows. Nehal for now is concentrating only at the work needed to be done to succeed as the Miss Universe winner. However later on someday she plans on becoming an officer at the Police Academy and has been preparing for IPS alongside.

Her selection as Miss India Universe 2018 was not an easy feet. A fitness consultant, Nehal was selected from among the 19 candidates shortlisted from over ten thousand applications from all over the country. She was also awarded 2 more titles, ‘Miss Body Beautiful 2018’ and ‘Miss Anything but Ordinary Diva 2018’ during the Miss Diva 2018 contest.

As she is gearing up for her final performance in the Miss Universe 2018 pageant in Bangkok, the entire nation’s wishes are with Nehal Chudasama.

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