The Nine Forms Of Goddess Durga: Know The True Meaning of Navratri

The Nine forms of Goddess Durga can sound fascinating to us. It is indeed for the powerful symbol the nine forms carry, Navratri is celebrated. Know the nine powers of the Goddess.

The Nine Forms of Goddess Durga

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The nine forms of Goddess Durga are worshipped on the nine days. The accumulation of those nine days is the Navratri that we celebrate across the nation. This year, Navratri has begun from today that is the 21st of Sept’17. While everyone is looking forward to the grand Dussehra celebration, Navratri is the route to the completeness of this festive season.

Navratri means nine nights each night represents one form of Durga. Hence Navratri is the worshipping of Navadurgas. It is truly interesting and we would like to know about those nine forms. After knowing them, your fasting and worship can get a new dimension.

Goddess Durga’s Nine Forms

  • Shailaputri
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She is the first of the nine forms of the powerful Goddess. She is Shailaputri. “Shaila” refers to “of the mountains” and “putri” refers to “daughter, meaning “daughter of the mountains”.  She is also known as the powers of Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu. As a symbol, she is seen riding a bull and carrying a trident or Trishul as well as a lotus.

  • Brahmacharini
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Known as the second avatar of the Goddess, she got get the name for practising penance with Lord Brahma. As a symbol, she carries beads of a rosary and a utensil for carrying water in her right and left hand respectively.

  • Chandraghanta
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She is the third form of the Nava Durga and one of the most powerful of all. She wears a crescent moon shaped bell, owing to which she got her name. Worshipping her, people have got rid of all physical and mental sufferings. She also bestows her devotees with the elegance and bravery that she possesses.

  • Kushmanda
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It is believed that she is the one to create the universe with the power of her divine smile. She has the power to laden one with health and wealth and also showers one with immense physical and mental strength to face the world.

  • Skanda Mata
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If you want salvation, prosperity and power, there is nothing like this form of Durga. Wisdom is not confined to literates only in her garden of love. She can shower wisdom even to the illiterates, provided they have a pure heart and selfless devotion.

  • Katyayini
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Bhadrakali as well as Chandika is her another name. She represents Shakti, the power and an epitome of the colour Red.

  • Kaalratri
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We all know Kali or Kaalratri, a powerful form of Durga. She is known for breaking arrogance in people and destroying darkness bringing light to the world.

  • Maha Gauri
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A symbol of calmness and peace, she has the power to erase the sins of your eternity. Her generosity makes every devotee worship her on the eighth day.

  • Siddhidatri
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She can heal anyone and empowered to bless everyone; from devotees to other Gods to saints and priests.

These nine avatars evoke a sense of power in everyone. Let this Navratri be enlightened with the basic knowledge that most of us must have been missing on.


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