No Weight Loss? Know The Five Most Common Reasons

No weight loss is a fear that every person goes through. It is a state of body that no one wants to come across. Did you know the common reasons for no weight loss?

No weight Loss: Common reasons

No weight loss? Don’t worry, give it some time and you will pass this phase. Many people, these days have been facing this issue of not being able to shed excess weight. As a result, the obvious question is asked, “Why no weight loss?”

You meet people and ask the same question. You get to hear new things each time you meet a new person. Even, the internet doesn’t help. It adds to your confusion and misery. What’s next? Expert solutions to the problem of constant weight will definitely help. Here are the top reasons stated by experts on why we don’t lose weight despite constant trials and experiments.

  • Intake of Fluid Missing
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Is this true? Are you not having enough liquid? If this is true, ensure that you increase the intake of water gradually. You can substitute water with that of juice and smoothies but the liquid is a must. Scientifically speaking, the body, in order to break the stored fats needs water in enough quantity so that the process of breakdown is smooth.

  • You are missing on attainment of Mindfulness
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Mindfulness is equally important like that of physical exercise. While physical exercise is exhausting to give the desired result, mindfulness keeps your mind and body calm. Eventually, leading to the mental balance, hormonal balance and the most important, drop in cortisol. It is cortisol that encourages weight gain obstructing the path of losing weight. For this activity, you can start meditating.

  • Unaware what your body wants
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Let’s face it! If you have been constantly trying to lose weight and there seems no result, it may be directed to the fact that you are thin enough to lose any further weight. Get your body weight checked and also the BMI.

  • Protein intake is less
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Are you someone who doesn’t like to eat protein diet? That can be one of the reasons that you are not losing weight. Try to include protein in your diet in the form of bread, eggs, cottage cheese, tofu, cheese and butter if you are a vegetarian. If you are a non-vegetarian, regular intake of chicken breast in dinner will do the magic.

  • Wrong Notion about Fats
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We get to hear this quite often that fats increase weight. Gone are the days when fat-free foods were considered a heavenly diet for losing weight. Recent studies have shown that people who avoid high-quality fats tend to starve more than those who are in high-quality fats. Eventually, the former group stops losing weight as they end up eating more. Instead of cutting short of those fats, include them and stay energized and full.

Do these pointers ring a bell and remind you of what you have been missing on? If so, you need to include them on your bucket list right away and get started.

In a few months, you will see the best you!



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