Paleo diet, Atkins diet, Keto diet – Which is the right plan for you to loose weight?

We all want to have a very healthy body. However the day to day life activities and lifestyle often takes a toll on our body and we tend to gain weight.

Which one will you choose?

To reduce this weight we go for a strict diet control. But soon we realize we are not loosing weight. The reason for that is, we often are not very well aware of the type of diet we are following.

Three most effective dietary plan that has been proven to be very effective in helping us loose wight includes

  • Ketogenic Diet
  • Atkins Diet
  • Paleo Diet

Though all these are Low carb diets, however they are quiet different from each other.

What is Ketogenic (Keto) Diet?

‘Keto Diet’ is characterized by a very-high-fat to carbohydrate ratio, the diet is designed to fuel the body with fat instead of glucose (a simple sugar), inducing a condition known as ‘ketosis’.

The ‘Keto’ name is derived from ‘ketones’, which are molecules produced by the liver in response to the absence of sugar. Without glucose, the body burns ketones for fuel, turning it into a ‘fat-burning machine’. The benefits resulting from burning ketones instead of glucose are rapid weight loss, improved blood sugar control, greater energy and focus, and the reduction of inflammation in the body.

The following is a typical ‘macronutrient’ distribution of a ‘Keto Diet’:

  • High Fat (70-75% of total calories)
  • Moderate Protein (20-25% of total calories)
  • Low Carb (5-10% of total calories)

Ketogenic diets are just diets that result in being in a state of nutritional ketosis most of the time. Most strict low-carb diets qualify for this. If you eat <50g carbs per day, you will most likely be in ketosis and therefore you’re technically eating a ketogenic diet.

In conclusion Ketogenic diet includes high fat, moderate protein and low carb.

What is Atkins Diet?

The Atkins diet is split into 4 different phases, with each of the first three phases introducing varying degrees of carbohydrate restriction with the fourth and final phase focused on promoting long term weight maintenance.

Atkins is a diet plan that involves starting in ketosis and remaining in ketosis until you have lost a fair amount of weight. This is called the “induction” phase of the diet. After induction, you gradually reintroduce carbs, making sure to still remain lower carb and avoid junky processed carbs and sugars.

In conclusion Atkins diet includes high fat, high protein and low carb.

What is Paleo Diet?

It is fundamentally a high-protein, high-fiber eating style which advocates for eliminating grains, dairy and legumes and focusing on eating whole, minimally-processed foods. Both the ketogenic diet and the paleo diet have similar goals of controlling blood sugar and weight, and promoting better health.

The Paleo Diet allows for up to 150g carbohydrates daily, depending on your personal goals. Paleo doesn’t have to be ketogenic but often is, because it focuses on whole foods and rejects any processed or cultivated foods (like grains). If you eat nothing but meat and potatoes, then that would be Paleo but not ketogenic, because the starch from the potatoes would keep you out of ketosis.

The guiding principle of the Paleo diet is, in short: if your ancestors could “hunt or gather” the food to be consumed, it is allowed.

In conclusion Paleo diet includes high fat, grain free dairy free low carb, and moderate protein.

All the 3 diets on first look may seem the same, however the nutrient requirement and distribution are very different. It is necessary to understand each of these dietary plans well before including the right one into your lifestyle. The most suited diet among these three plan will definitely promote rapid weight loss.

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