Parineeti Hardik Link Up Rumour. Is It Really True?

There is a rumor about Parineeti Hardik in media. Apparently, Parineeti Chopra is dating popular Hardik Pandya. Is this new buzz amongst public is true?

Parineeti Hardik

Since Bollywood celebrities being linked up with Indian cricketers is nothing new, a recent conversation between Indian all-rounder Hardik Pandya and actress Parineeti Chopra created a lot of buzz.Is the rumour about Parineeti Hardik link really true to believe?

Parineeti Chopra and Hardik Pandya’s recent twitter banter left fans guessing at whether these two were involved romantically.It all started with the Bollywood star posting a picture of a bicycle on her official twitter handle with a caption stating something which public definitely did not fail to ignore. The common man reacts to such statements really faster than one can think.

Parineeti Hardik
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While the world knows that cricketer Virat Kohli and actress Anushka Sharma are a couple, Twiteratti thought Parineeti Chopra and Hardik Pandya could be the next ‘Bollywood-cricket’ link after their recent Twitter chat.

It all started with Parineeti posting a picture of a bicycle a few days back, but the captions spoke about the ‘most amazing partner’ and ‘love is in the air.’ In the meanwhile, while the fans were going mad and curious over this, the cricketer took a step ahead. Hardik commented that it is the second Bollywood and Cricketer link. Parineeti responded saying that all the mysterious clues are in the picture it self.The conversation triggered plenty of speculation on social media whether the two were dating each other.

Talking about the rumours, Parineeti said at an event recently, She said, the discussion shouldn’t be whether she is single or not, but she is not dating Hardik Pandya for sure. She heard about this rumour through some of her friends and she was wondering when did all that happen.

Parineeti, who was recently appointed as the first Indian woman Ambassador in ‘Friend of Australia’ (FOA) advocacy panel by Tourism Australia, further added, “My only love is Australia. In a relationship with…”


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