Queen Elizabeth II: Michael Kors’ Dream Project

Queen Elizabeth II is described as an ultimate person whom Michael would love to style if he gets the chance. Let’s hope for the best.

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Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II is a popular figure and so is Michael Kors, a renowned fashion designer. He thinks that the queen will look “aplomb” in any outfit she adorns. He got his label back in 1981. Since then, there has been no looking back for Michael as the sky is the limit. He is famous throughout the world because of his unique styling or clothing which is liked by millions. Michael is sure that the 91-year-old queen is one ultimate person he would love to style because he believes that she can pull off any outfit effortlessly.

During an interview which was conducted with Harper’s Bazaar Magazine, Kors stated that the queen can pull off any dress with such aplomb, which is amazing in itself. There are many celebrities who are the regular client of Michel which even includes Kate Hudson and Jennifer Lawrence but the designer thinks that it is all about the consistency with a person’s wardrobe choices is what defines a person’s style.

“She has a total understanding of her life, her needs, what’s the best part to show off… I love the consistency, I think it’s brilliant. As the end of the day, consistency is what becomes style versus just fashion,” said Kors.


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