Raise a toast to 2019, with these quirky Cocktails!

And it’s the party time!!! As we are all set to bid adieu to 2018 and the commencement of the year has marked the beginning of the festive season. We are geared up for a lot of fun and partying around. And how could one imagine these parties without a slurping our favourite booze? In fact, this is the best time to try some excellent spirits to keep you high and dump the usual vodka, gin and Beer!
For every cocktail, you may find different versions where the bars may play around with some of the ingredients to create something more appealing for its customers, but the core ingredients remain the same.
Though all of us have our all-time favourites regardless, of what your poison type is, bang on with these beckoning & delightful cocktails which are eccentric but for sure will fuel your parties!

  • Death in the Afternoon – Starting with the mammoth this cocktail, was a creation of Ernest Hemingway, who combined a highly alcoholic beverage, absinthe, with sparkling wine or champagne and made this kooky mix called the Death in the Afternoon. The name is as impressive as its ingredients. This one never fails to give you a nice kick, and you might just realise that as soon as you finish off one single cocktail.
  • The Sidecar – This classic cocktail has survived since 1948 and have managed to be one of our favourites. It is a mishmash of classic cognac, lemon and orange liqueur with the primary alcohol being Brandy. This cocktail will compliment your playful mood.
  • The Marriage of Figaro – Made with the fig-infused bourbon, this cocktail has an array of flavours which are ridiculously fascinating. It is slightly uncommon as compared to other cocktails, and you won’t really find it on the menu of many bars. As for the taste, it can make you fall in love with the very first sip.
  • Mimosa – For those you like to keep it really swanky, nothing can beat the classic cocktail made with a combination of orange juice and Brut Champagne! Though you can find illimitable variations, the chances of going wrong with this medley are rare!
  • Fountain of Youth – If you are diet conscious and still want to enjoy your parties and get high, try this hug juice for adults called Fountain of Youth which has many nutrients in it. The Russian cocktail is made from Vodka mixed with Pomegranate juice, orange bitters and ginger. As the name suggests, the drink claims to make you feel younger after a couple of drinks and is worth a try!
  • Cotton Candy Martini – Well, this one is more of a gem for ladies because this hooch has a combination of cotton candy and martini which happens to be two of our favourite things in one glass. There would hardly be any girl who could resist this!
  • Ron Zacapa Blazer – If you think cocktails are mostly for females, this one will make you think again. From the very first sight of it to the last sip and everything in between we bet you will relish it all and this will be one of the finest cocktails you could ever try. Starting with the best rum in the world, Roz Zacapa, which is flamed with sherry and is mostly served only on request.
  • Bubble Tea Cocktail – Another classic example that cocktails are not just mere mixing of two or three ingredients but a work of art that looks great and tastes fantastic. The Bubble tea cocktail is served with overflowing bubbles that are edible, of course! It is a sweet, bitter combination and can be combined with various booze options as per your taste and preferences. It is a popular cocktail in Hong Kong.
  • Bacon Cherry Creek – If you like to experiment with your drinks, this unique blend of coca cola with bacon-washed bourbon and cherry cinnamon syrup is insanely addictive. Beware, once you try this, you can’t keep your glass down. This can be a perfect welcome drink to impress your squad.
  • Eucalyptus Martini – Yes, you read it right. Of course, with the name, a special variant is revealed, but this cocktail has a variety of other ingredients that you would love to taste. Along with eucalyptus, it has gin, lime and egg! It is a drink that you must try especially when there is scorching heat outside, and you feel low on energy. Though not everyone can accommodate this taste, still you need to taste it at least once in your lifetime.
    There is a cocktail for everyone! The festive season shares a different vibe where we enjoy our guilty pleasures. With an ocean of options available, sometimes the choice of picking up the right one becomes tricky. The above booze options would save you from the trouble of trying something which you might regret. You may thank us later.

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