Really Is That The Reason Why Men Cheat In A Relationship?

A new study claims to have revealed the real reason why men cheat is that it all comes down to easy forgiveness.

Men Cheat

Being cheated on can cause a world of pain, but when it comes to having affairs it seems that women are pretty quick to forgive their philandering partners.A new study has found that ladies are more likely to forgive bad behavior than men, with 60 per cent excusing their other half after they’ve played away.Meanwhile, just 38 per cent of men would do the same.However, cheating in relationships is a pertinent issue and if a new study is to be believed then the reason men cheat and have affairs comes down to the fact that women are pretty quick to forgive their partners.

Men cheat
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The survey, conducted by Illicit Encounters, found over half of the women being asked saying that they could change their partners’ ways and convince them not to do the same. In comparison, only 20 percent of the men said they would do the same.The survey also found that because of a woman’s forgiving nature, men cheat more likely.

Bringing to mind that old adage, a leopard cannot change its spots, a man or woman who has strayed before is three times more likely to be unfaithful in their next relationships.And those who have been betrayed may forgive, but they never forget and are more than twice as likely to recognize another infidelity.The study led by a psychologist at the University of Denver, in the USA, interviewed almost 500 people, two-thirds of them women, about their past and present relationship history over five years.

The key to saving a marriage in the wake of an affair is how the other half discovers the betrayal.If the women own up and pledge to stay with her husband, the marriage survives in 82 per cent of cases.But if the man confesses and wants to save his marriage, he is only successful in 68 per cent of cases – again because of this pattern of cheating.If the woman is caught out by her husband, the survival rates drop to 52 per cent.If the man is caught cheating, the survival rate is slightly worse at 42 per cent – showing again that women are more ruthless in dealing with betrayal.


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