Rich people’s plan for Calorie Restriction: Trending Diets 2019

Diets have become a sort of a taboo word for those who are trying to stay fit. They always hear phrases like, stay fit, stay healthy, eat less, exercise more and what not. But it is one thing to think about doing things, and quite another to actually getting down to doing it. As per some of the popular theories and stats, more 75% of the people fail to follow their resolution to the end.

As per the detailed analysis conducted in 2017, consuming sugar has been termed as the primary factor in the symptoms regarding chronic heart conditions and multiple other diseases. There are some drastic changes that need to be done based on the normal food habits to curb this issue at a measurable level. In another research conducted, an estimated number of 34 Americans consumed 15% less food than normal over the span of 2 years. This resulted in them ageing at a rate that is slow in comparison to those who were not on diet.
Therefore, there is a need to curb the total calorie consumption which bring us to some of the things that the rich are considering doing in 2019. They are as follows,

23.5% of the rich choose the low carbohydrate diet
Carbs are essential for your body but people tend to take in excessive amounts of them. There is a need to increase low carb foods which in turn reduces sugar consumption.

13.8% want to eat less meat. Heart diseases are a problem that needs to be addressed and quickly. The fingers naturally point towards red meat that contains high content of protein. The intake should be decreased.

11.5% will follow diets with less fat
There is a stark difference between having low fat foods and following low fat diets. Low fat foods contain sugar and it should be taken with minimum intake. You should thus be careful.

There are other diets like gluten free ones, vegetarian diets and so on and so forth that focuses on keeping you healthy and fit. This is something that the rich need to look out for in the coming year, and they better follow it to the end.

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