Sex Positions to Exercise Your Various Muscle Groups

Sex is the ultimate workout believe it or not. While in the act, you can burn some damn good amount of calories that your are completely unaware of.

Sex Positions

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We all know it for a fact that sex is an amazing way to exercise and burn of some calories. It is believed that about 60 minutes of the act can burn as many calories as 500 calories! For the thrilled ones, there are certain positions that keenly target certain bunch of muscles, while other positions target other specific areas. If you are planning on toning some specific muscles without hitting to the gym, then it is time you inculcate the subsequent moves more and more in your sexual ordeals.

The doggie style

I know you know how it works, but for the laymen, the man enters the woman from behind while she is sprawled on her fours. So, this doggie position is highly known for targeting the hips and the core muscle groups. With each thrust you man makes inside you, you will be heading toward those sculpted abs a step more. Let’s do it?


By far, missionary is one of the most common and traditional sex positions we have. For the uninitiated, the woman lies down and the man enters her while he’s on top of her, facing towards her, of course. This position exercises your man’s glute muscles and his core muscle group.

Standing position

The standing position preferably involves the guy holding the girl, with her back against the wall. Then, he must lift her up in the process. This position, apart from targeting the guy’s hips and core muscle groups, also aims at his arm muscles, as he is lifting his girl up. So subsequently, this position will target his triceps, biceps and forearms. Now, since all of the girl’s weight is handled by her man, his legs are also strengthened in the act.

The anvil

This is a position where the girl lies on her back. Then, she folds her legs, pulling them towards her shoulder. And then, the man penetrates her from the top. This position is great in targeting the man’s arms as well as legs. Your man must lift himself up in order thrust in you and also he must get down every time to penetrate you.

The scissors

In this position, the woman will be lying flat on her back. Then, she will have to split her legs by extending one leg upward and keep the other one down. The guy will penetrate by keeping his each of legs on one side of the woman. This position allows the man’s core and arm muscles to workout.

From behind

During this sex position, the girl must stand either against a wall or a table. Then, she has to bend herself. The guy, of course, will thrust her from behind. This position can turn out to be pleasurable for both. This position allows for a deeper penetration. For the guy specifically, the act will exercise his core muscles as well as the thigh muscles.

Time for a push up

This position is a somewhat variant of the traditional missionary position. In this position, the guy must keep his legs straight, as he leans himself facing the girl. Then, just like a push up, he needs to shift all his weight on his forearms and start thrusting from that position. This position exercises his leg muscles and arm muscles, as his entire weight is balanced against his arms and chest muscles.

Crab walker

In this position, the man and his woman must sit facing each other. The girl is supposed to wrap her legs around the guy. Also, the guy has to wrap his legs surrounding the girl’s body. This position majorly works on the man’s core muscles. This position also exercises his glute and arm muscles, which include his deltoids, triceps, biceps and his forearms.

The beast

This position is a variant of the cow girl position. In the cow girl position, the and lies on his back and the woman sits astride on him. Consequently, in the reverse cowgirl position, the girl and the guy swap places. The woman must lie down on her back, whereas the man thrusts in her from the top while facing the opposite side. The position ultimately exercises his core, glues as well as hamstrings.

The leg glider

This position is a bit variation of the scissor position. In this particular position, the girl must rise her leg at perfect 90 degrees angle. Such a position will further deepen the penetration. It will also exercise the man’s core and arm muscle groups, providing an amazing workout.

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