‘SHE’ unites the world with Comedy:Netflix original “Comedians Of The World”

And here she stands ready to amaze us .Netflix is here with ‘Comedians Of The World’. As the name suggests, the comedians featured are diverse since they represent 13 different regions of the world where at least one female comedian from each of those regions.

1. Aditi Mittal: Things They Wouldn’t Let Me Say

The outspoken Indian comedian is one of the first women in her country to do standup and Mittal maintains a gloriously pugnacious presence on stage during this comedy special that reflects that.  Plus, Barack Obama follows her on Twitter, so she’s no joke!

2. Cal Wilson: Melbourne International Comedy

Cal Wilson represents both nations in Oceania since her bio for The Sit Down Comedy Club notes that she was born in New Zealand and started her comedy career there in 1990 before moving to Australia.

3. Mhel Marrer:Comedy Central

Brush up on your Portuguese since South America is being represented by Brazil. Marrer is an actor and screenwriter in addition to being a stand-up comedian.

4. Shirley Souagnon: Monsieur Shirley

Shirley Souagnon is one of the two female comedians representing France. She has appeared on French TV, including in the legal drama Spiral.

5. DeAnne Smith: Comedy Up Late

DeAnne Smith, a Canadian Comedy Award winner, The UK Telegraph says she’s “Smart. Very funny. Effortless charm lets her get away with murder.”

6.Ilka Bessin: Quatsch Comedy Club

In her native Germany,she’s best known as Cindy. And she’s certainly worth knowing in the U.S. too since a New York Times profile about Bessin noted how she was named Germany’s female comedian of the year.

7. Gaby Llanas: Diablo Squad

The one female comic representing Mexico, Gaby Llanas, proudly calls herself a feminist on her social media.

8. Rawsan Hallak: MacAnd Cheese

Representing  the middle east. Waiter at Nazareth turned a Netflix comedian.

9. Soundos El Ahmadi: The Mole

Representing Netherlands  is an actor, TV personality, writer, and comedian.

10. Katherine Levac: Saturday Night Live

The sole female from this group is Katherine Levac, who was a cast member of the short-lived Québec version of Saturday Night Live

11. Tumi Morake: Trevor Noah

Morake spoke about the South African comedy scene to TimesLIVE ahead of the special.

12. Ellie Taylor: The Mash Report

U.K. and American viewers may even recognize her as a news reader gone viral.

13. Nicole Byer: Loosely Exactly Nicole

Representing the U.S. She is an actress and writer.

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