Sleep Deprivation in Americans: Getting Worse!

Sleep Deprivation is a condition that is gripping the Americans by their throats to be honest. There are those among the people who believe that sleeping more is synonymous to being inactive, perhaps lazy in simple terms. There are those among us who have natural cravings for stuff like food and other things. But it has been observed that humans need to have a sound amount of sleep than usual.

As a race that has captured almost all the aspects of technology, finance and many other domains; we have reached at the pinnacle of our glory. But one of the most common habits which is seen in every household is waking up your kids early in the morning for school. Sleep is an essential part of life just as all the other things are; and it is something that cannot be ignored any longer.

Mr. Horacio de la Iglesia, a neurobiologist at the University of Washington emphasizes that teenagers need to have a normal sleeping cycle of 9 hours mandatorily. It is the stage wherein they can stay active and grasp the most in schools and colleges. After they reach puberty, they tend to stay awake till midnight and wake up after 9 hours or so. So, this is necessary and it is a positive approach that needs to be take into account.

A study was conducted by Mr. Iglesia and their team whether sleeping for 9 hours for teenagers is actually beneficial or not. As per the study, students arrived on time in their respective schools, and there was a significant surge on account of their scoresheets. This was done in comparison with those having the exact opposite conditions, and there were cases of average grades and late arrivals at schools.
Sleeping for optimum amounts of time is not a sign that you are not productive towards your work.

On the contrary, it gives your body and your mind the time to heal so that it can be utilized later on for a great many number of tasks and other things as well.

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