5 superfoods for beautiful and younger looking skin

We all want to have youthful skin so that we could look flawless without any makeup. The list includes the food items that could help you in achieving a younger looking skin. These foods are rich in antioxidants and can help you to keep the aging process at bay for a longer period of time.

Superfood! As the name implies, a food item which has something ‘extra’ to give you or which has effects beyond a normal healthy diet. Right? Well, before proceeding, you must know that Superfood isn’t an official term named by any regulatory authority. The term isn’t used commonly by experts, dietitians, or even nutrition scientists. It’s more or less a marketing term that’s being used to attract people to a healthy life.

Younger looking skin

But, despite with little scientific basis to it, the superfood does offer better health benefits than your regular diet. Try taking the term superfood as an extra dose of food which isn’t normally included in your diet but if you start taking them as a supplement, you would definitely see some changes in your skin. These are their virtues that make them different from our daily intakes.

Who doesn’t want a beautiful, spotless, and radiant skin? We aren’t promoting fairness but a healthy and glowing skin is everyone’s primal requirement.

What foods to eat to have a youthful skin

Well, again, we don’t claim that the superfood items enlisted below will give you superpowers or will make you Popeye in just no time. We don’t claim that you will find an instant radiance or you would start looking young in the very first intake. But, a religious intake of them will surely add a healthy change to your lifestyle. These foods rich in energy, vitamins, and proteins and they will try to keep the diseases at bay but you must note that they can’t be substituted entirely.

Must note that the food items that have the power to fight with free radicals (unstable atoms that can damage cells, cause illness and aging), the foods that can slow down the aging are must for your skin. Look for food items that can fight with the worst enemies of the skin that damage collagen or cause wrinkles.

We have enlisted here a bunch of superfoods that you must start taking them as a supplement for a younger looking skin.

Well, the list of food items for glowing skin obviously include the items that are anti-aging which mean they can slow down the aging process so that you could live with the flawless and younger looking skin for a longer time.

  • Foxnuts



First, in our list is the foxnut which is popular as fasting food in India. Those who are on diet generally take it for the munch on or to stay away from those hunger cravings. Apart from this, this food items is really beneficial for your skin as it has anti-aging enzymes that slow down the aging process and hence leaves a young and healthy skin behind. It’s high in fiber and low in calories. They are also a good source of carbohydrates, magnesium, potassium, and iron.

Foxnut is called as Makhana in Hindi language and it’s actually a non-cereal grown in the stagnant water of wetlands, tanks, ponds lakes. You can eat them raw but they taste better if roasted. So, roast a handful of fox nuts with the help of one spoon of oil in a wok or pan and add salt to it or if you don’t want to add salt then simply take out the roasted fox nuts and eat them with jaggery, trust me! They both taste so good together. Also, if you’re on diet then these are the must-have snacks as they help in reducing weight as well. Try them and see the difference in your skin texture and glow in a few days.

  • Blueberries


Another food for the clear and glowing skin is Blueberry. You must know by now that antioxidants are so important for our body. These are the most important factor in maintaining the lustrous and beautiful skin. Blueberries have the capability to fight with the free radicals (that damage cells). They have an immense power to normalize oil levels as well in your skin and maintain the necessary oils.

  •  Avocado

Foods youthful skin

Well, you must have read them and yes, you’re reading them again here. Avocados are rich in Vitamin B, Vitamin K, with good content of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and potassium. They have even more potassium than bananas, which means they are quite good at maintaining the blood pressure levels while giving you a glowing and fair skin.

  • Green Tea

Green tea

Well, another food item is actually a drink that can help in getting the youthful skin. Green Tea is rich in antioxidants which can limit the build of free radicals. Antioxidants stop such unstable molecules in building up and leave a youthful skin behind. Green tea also protects your skin’s collagen from sun damage. While a sunscreen is must, a protection from inside works as an extra shield for your skin to avoid early aging or wrinkles.

  • Coconut water

Coconut water

Well, this is also a drink that could help you in having glowing skin which is free from any spots. Coconut water is easily available and a good source potassium, magnesium. It also contains the antioxidants that can limit the build of free radicals. Coconut water considers as the purest one after water. It hydrates the skin and makes it look youthful and supple. Coconut water also boosts the energy if you’re feeling weak after an aggressive exercise or for whatever reason.

Golden Bonus –


Well, these were some of the food items that you can eat or drink for the lustrous skin. But, we have one thing that you all must swear by and this isn’t a food product but rather a product to apply on the skin. No one should forget to apply the sunscreen while going out in the day. Sunscreen definitely helps in protecting your skin against the harmful UV rays. So, while these food items work from inside, don’t let your skin to get harmful effects from outside.

It’s great to see that even in such hectic and crowded life tasks, people are taking care of their health and looking for foods that could help them and act as a protective shield against the harmful diseases. People are gyming, exercising, or doing whatsoever that could decrease the risks of harmful diseases. People are much aware of their eating habits today and they are looking for foods that could act as a supplement for their effort. For such people, we have shared a list of superfoods that could give them energy and enough amount of macronutrients. They will slow down the aging process and leave a healthy an glowing skin behind.

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