The 5 Golden rules to spice up your Sex life

Love is an ice cream sundae, with all the marvelous fillings… Sex is the cherry on top. – Jimmy Dean

The word sex brings in multiple expressions in our face whenever uttered. Sex life is still a taboo that is best experimented behind the closed bedroom doors, while for others it is a deed to be done for the production of future generation. 

Experimenting with sex is a great way to spice up things and keep it ever green but  5 simple golden rules can actually improve the sex life a great deal even without the spice init.

Kiss and keep kissing because kiss is important

Kissing is a very emotional stance and the way you kiss each other explains a lot. It also helps in initiating the moment to sex. Even during the act, kissing at various instances during sex can ignite a lot of hidden feelings. It is also a great way of showing how much you appreciate your partner.

Foreplay is no hoax

The act of foreplay is important because that is what initiates the comfort and preparation needed to accept the scenario. Jumping directly to the act is just hormones talking. Foreplay makes you understand each other’s wavelength while initiating the arousal.

The act of going under

Just because you like being fondled, sucked or kissed down there does not mean your partner will like it to. Talk about it and then decide if you want to do it or not. Do the deed to your partner. Once he or she experiences it, his or her views will definitely change about it.

However a clean road is always preferred than a bushy jungle. It is hygienic and easy to move through without creepers and branch hitting you in your mouth.

The balanced need for speed

Sex is not a race. You are not on route for the first or the last place. Enjoying the act is what it is about. Men never talk about this specific issue of running too fast or running too slow. Unlike men, a woman takes time to build up that state of orgasm. Controlling the pace of the thrust is important to have a parallel equation during this extremely charge moment. Try talking to each other about how far along you are. It helps a great deal in satisfying both instead of only one of you.

The backside is not always great to look at

Yes, sex makes you tired but that does not mean you simple turn and go off to sleep or to clean up. Wait for some time, talk, cuddle and kiss each other for a bit to show that you are invested in this situation and it was not a robotic deed. A lot is expressed in one single instance and the period right after sex is overly sensitive.

Sex is a very heavy word that is not openly ever spoken about and maybe that is why the act in itself is often not as enjoyable as it should be in reality. Small steps like the one mentioned can help one improve the quality of sex life a great deal. It is only a matter of remembering them during the game.

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