The fitness guru “Iceman” reveals his fitness mantra

The fitness guru “Iceman” was barely 17 when he made his first dive, utterly naked into the cold waters of Amsterdam’s Beatrixpark Canal. Gives you shivers, doesn’t it? But the man there did it and proclaimed to have always felt a strong attraction towards cold water. He says to have developed a strong connection with the waters over the time.

Owing to his words, once inside the water he feels a connection develop in between him and the waters which frees his mind of any self doubts. In his lifetime, he has set numerous world records with the titles of farthest swim under ice and the fastest barefoot half-marathon under his name. These titles earned him the name of “Iceman”

Soon after the Iceman came up with his own explanation of how he could survive unclothed under the cold waters. He named his technique as the the “Wim Hof Method,”. As is described by him, this method is a combination of breathing, cold exposure, and meditation.

Hof, the iceman explained on his site how human have always had an inner power to adapt to extreme situations. He goes on to explain how it is our body’s ability to adapt to the extreme climates and live in our natural habitat.

The Iceman’s method

According to Hof, the first thing which you need to learn is the breathing technique.

Follow the below steps to master the Iceman’s method:

  • Lay down
  • Take about 30 active, deep breaths, followed by passive breaths out. This technique aims at taking in more oxygen with every breath, and breathing in
  • Then exhale for “as long as you can, without force.”i.e. passively.
  • Then lastly take a deep breath in and hold it for about 10 seconds.
  • The goal is to perform four rounds of this cycle.

This method is proclaimed to cure everything from inflammation to anxiety.

The science behind Hof’s technique

Now the science behind this technique lies on the fact that the human body can be made to adjust to extreme conditions, all you need to do is work harder for it and keep your body extremely fit.  Moreover, there appears to be some proven benefits to exposure to extreme cold weathers as it is said to increase the metabolism of the body.

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