The new Waze feature of Google maps will save you from speeding tickets.

Google Maps have become an integral part of our lives. Earlier it was quite hard to survive in an unknown place, given that you had no idea about the roads to take to reach a particular point. But now with the advent of Google maps, not only do you reach your destination following the routes mentioned in it but it also tells you which routes to avoid so that you do not get stuck in the traffic and reach your destination late. Now, this is not all that Google maps are capable of doing. With the new update, Google maps are now capable of telling you which roads have hidden cameras so that you can avoid speeding there beforehand and thus save yourself from a ticket.

Not only do the Google maps show on which roads the cameras are present but they also tell you the location where they are being hidden. is really good at providing you with directions on which transportation method is available in any place as well as the details that come with those methods. With the adaptation of this new waze feature, Google maps have become your ultimate best friends on road.
Speeding traps can be laid down on any part of the road and once you fall prey to them, there is no limit to what the police can charge you for overspeeding. On top of that, you might have to visit the police station over and over again. Moreover, a single speeding ticket can rob you of more than half your salary at times. In such a scenario, the Google Maps seem to be the ultimate boon with their new waze feature. We might need to wait for a few more days before we can use this feature but I am excited simply to know that such an amazing feature is coming to Google Maps.

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