The stunning 11 images chosen as winners of Travel photography of 2019 by TPOTY will leave you in awe!

Travel Photography has always been spectacular. However being nominated as among the best in the world is another achievement all together.

Since 2003, The International Travel Photographers of the year organisation has been recognizing the talents from all over the world for their photographic skills.

The process of selection is no easy feat. 150 final images were chosen from over 20,000 entrees sent from 140+ countries. There was no bar in skills, gadgets used or locations chosen, thus allowing budding photography enthusiasts also to participate.

Prizes included perks, monetary remunerations, cameras and lenses and membership to the Royal Photography Club. Stefano Pensotti was declared the winner for his 8 beautiful images taken worldwide. 14 yrs old Isabella Smith’s photographs of Morocco won her the Young Photographer of the year award.

All the winning  images will be displayed in Spring 2019 at an open exhibition in London Bridge City. 30 best images have been posted online and each one is breathtaking beyond imagination. Some of the most captivating photographs awarded includes – 

Kibish’s image of the kid from Suri tribe of Ethiopia won him the “Best Single Image for faces” award.

Stafanno Pensotti’s image of the inhabitants of Timbuktu, Mali was among the 8 images of his chosen for “Best Photographer of the Year” award

Robin Yong’s Geiko Tomitae showcasing the Japanese old world traditions won him”special mention winner for faces”

Dar es Salaam’s photograph of the child with Albinism won him the “Winner Faces, People, Cultures Portfolio” award

Another Special Mention Winner, Faces, People, Cultures Category had an image of Chum the Nennets of Yamal Peninsula by Vladimir Alexeev.

The image of Onno, a teenage girl from the Arbore tribe of South Ethiopia by Matzaj Krivic won him the “Travel Portfolio Award”

The image of the local habitats of Gannan in China won He Jian the “Hot Cold Single Image Winner Award”

Best Single Image in a Natural World Portfolio was won by Florent Mamelle for the photograph of Fuego Valcano near Antigua City.

Magdalena Strakova’s photograph of a boy in Titardi, Rajasthan won him the “Highly commented Portfolio Award”

Isabella Smith’s photograph of a kid playing in the streets of Morocco, won her the “Young Travel Photographer Of The Yea; rural World Portfolio award”.

The photograph of the two thorns of the Agave americana (pitha) clicked by Javier Herranz won him the “Natural World Photography award”

There are more images from the winners category that you can check at

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