The top 8 Brilliant Amazon Prime Original Shows Worth Binge Watching This Winter

Amazon Prime has been garnering huge attention in the last few years since its launch. With the advent of high quality and well crafted contents, Amazon Prime has been ruling the digital platform.

Unlike Netflix, who are ready to produce and release every possible kind of content and Hulu, whose content quality has been very questionable, Amazon has been ruling the charts this entire last year.

Though there has been a lot of extremely well designed and highly acclaimed shows produced by Amazon this year, the top 8 shows worth watching includes

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

Let’s face it, we have seen innumerable number of Jack Ryan on screen. In fact one was played by the megastar Ben Affleck himself in the recent years. John Krasinski once again took up the role and boy! It certainly marked as the best career decision ever for him.

Taking inspiration from the basic novel plot, Carlton Cuse and Graham Roland created a story-line that does not follow the book. But that did not stop Amazon Prime Original’s Jack Ryan from being one of the highest rated shows of 2018. With Season 2 already in production, this show has lots yet to surprise the viewers with.

One Mississippi

This semi-autobiographical comedy created by Tig Notaro and Diablo Cody, is not your everyday comedy show. The authentic and very natural script writing and extremely well designed scenarios garnered so much appreciation from the viewers that it was picked for a full season after initial premier of the pilot episode.

Aired for 2 seasons before being cancelled, this real life inspired show was one of the best caricature of the everyday life and how one finds herself through loss and rediscovery.

The Tick

This superhero parody is hilarious to the boots. Arthur Everest played by Griffin Newman is so infectiously poignant and funny that you fall in love with the show within minutes.

In a world where super-heroes and villains have been real for decades, Arthur, an unassuming accountant with no superpowers, becomes embroiled in the middle of the battle between good and evil. This releatable yet fictitious scenario makes one want to keep watching Arthur pop one conspiracy theory after other.

Mozart in the Jungle

with 40 episodes aired in the last 4 years, Mozart in the Jungle must have done something right to still be on the roll. Gael Garcia Bernal immortalized a fictitious character to such an extent that today many believe that Rodrigo, the brilliant maestro of New York Symphony is actually a real person.

The comedy is hilarious with a penchant of dark and quiet philosophical life lesson strewn all over the episodes. Each character have been portrayed so beautifully that viewers keep wanting more of this series for sure.

The Marvelous Mrs Maisel

Everyone though there was not much left to discover about Rachel Brosnahan after her immensely power pact performance in The House of Cards and The Blacklist. And then she came back in Amazon Prime with this shocking period comedy in 2018.

This well loved period comedy show not only showed the viewers a new side of Rachel but won her numerous awards as well.


It’s weird how life drops Easter eggs and that is what the concept of this new show is. Not digestible or understandable for many, this show made us see a Julia Roberts we never saw before. Slightly on the darker side, Homecoming in spite of being slow paced, intellectual and gritty, grows on you.


Fiction readers worldwide often wanted a correct representation of Harry Bosch, the fictitious LAPD officer created by Micheal Connelly and there were many. Finally Eric Overmyer re-created Harry Bosch with Titus Welliver in the lead role.

Titus is one of the most bankable actors with terrific ground breaking performances in his resume. So it was no surprise that he would do justice to this role as well. The police crime drama is pacts with twists and turns at every angle even after 5 seasons. With 6th season on way, viewers definitely needs to catch up with the plot development until now.


Created by Alan Yang and Matt Hubbard, Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen’s dramedy is a beautiful show that depicts the simple story of two friends falling in love and how their life progresses into an unexpected yet funny turn.

Though no spoilers can be given out about the brand new show, Forever is a very interesting concept that revolves around the simple and everyday life of suburban predictable couples. The first season premiered with 8 episodes and has already been signed for yet another season.

Special mentions includes Transparent, The man in the High castle and Catastrophe among other highly recommended shows to watch.

So why wait?? Get yourself a mug of hot chocolate strewn with marshmallows and start binging…

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