Top 10 things to gift her on Valentine’s Day in 2019

To be honest, if you’re going to partake in the Valentine’s Day madness, why not get it over with now using that Internet thing?

1. For the one who loves sugar: Sugarfina Candy Bento Box

They are cool candies. But really. With flavors such as bourbon, rosé, and CHAMPAGNE, it doesn’t get much more fancy than this. These are an adorable, inexpensive gift, and this little box is Valentine’s Day themed!

2. For the one who loves taking couple pictures: Fujifilm Instax Mini 9

Is her potential dream to cover your fridge in pictures of the two of you? If so, you are in luck, my friend. Make her dreams come true with the Instax. I guess that depends on your age. Either way, you win.

3. A nice dinner out. 62% said it’s a good gift.

Use February 14th as an opportunity to indulge in a lavish dinner, exhilarating outing, or breathtaking adventure, all on your own.

4. For the one who loves essential oil diffusers: An Essential Oil Diffuser

People are obsessed with these things. And why wouldn’t they be? They transform your home with good smells and good vibes.

5. For the one who loves cute things: Mini Capri Blue Valentine’s Day Candles

The Volcano scent is the best smell I have ever encountered . These mini Valentine’s Day themed candles have different scents, but they all sound equally fantastic.

6. For the one who loves your new relationship: Sephora Favorites Designer Fragrance Wardrobe Minis

7. For the one who loves sport:  Aerie Play Padded Sports Bra

Forget lacy lingerie! This Aerie bra is not only sexy, it’s also sporty.

8. For the one who loves you: Sam’s Basic V-Day Package

No, I do not NEED anything, but if you want to celebrate your love for me by showering me with chocolate (would I actually bathe in nutella? yes), please feel free to do so

9. For the one you’re nervous about shopping for: Sephora Gift Card

10. For the one who binge-watches Netflix with you: Roku Ultra (2017)

Upgrade your binge sessions with our top pick for the best streaming device. The Roku Ultra is our favorite and will soon be yours, too

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