Trump Trudeau Handshake Breaks The Internet As Canadian PM Outsmarts Trump

Trump Trudeau Handshake Breaks The Internet As Canadian PM Outsmarts Trump
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The United States President, Donald Trump has an apparently strange handshake habit which has made the headlines a number of times recently. Especially after his long handshake with Shinzo Abe of Japan, his visibly peculiar handshake has become the talk of the town. However, looks like Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is one person whom Trump couldn’t shock with his jerky handshake habit. The Trump Trudeau handshake indeed turned out to be a spectacle.

US President Donald Trump is in the news lately for his unusual habit of yanking the hands of people who shake hands with him. He pulls people towards him not just once but multiple times. He pulls the hand up and down not just with a single hand but also with two hands, which puts the opponent in shock.

Trump Knocks People Off Balance

This vigorous and juddering movement that he often does during handshakes has indeed caught the eye of various media and the social media as well. Trump’s aggressive jerk and yanks on people’s hands are said to almost knocking them off their balance.

Language Expert Darren Stanton’s Analysis

According to the latest reports, body language expert Darren Stanton says that President Trump’s rough handshake habit is a technique that he exercises to exert authority and dominance over others. The handshake is clearly symbolic that he wants to emphasise that he is the one in charge or in control.

He further added the purpose of the aggressive handshake is to express,“Power and Confidence” to the opposite person as if Trump intends to say, that he is in-charge and better not mess with him. Reports also suggest that the reason why President Trump does not hold his wife’s hands is that to show that he is the “alpha.”

Prime Minister Trudeau’s Reaction

Latest images of Trump Trudeau handshake are intriguing. When Prime Minister Trudeau met US President Trump on Monday, Trump tried his usual handshake. However, Prime Minister Trudeau with his clever timing, control and balance counteracted to the aggressive handshake by putting his hand over Trump’s upper arm. Trump’s usual trick did not go down well this time and looked like with Trudeau is a more balanced person than Trump expected!

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