US blogger draws flak for saying Indians too poor to buy iPhone; deletes account later

Recently a knee jerking reaction and a name calling for #MindBodyColleen

The blogger from Indianapolis, Indiana, shared her ordeal of how she lost her “sleek, expensive, 5-month-old iPhone X” on the streets of Jaipur. “Yep, I lost it in the poorest most overcrowded country I have ever visited and one of the most scammy tourist cities in all of India,” she wrote, adding th at she didn’t expect to get it back since the phone was “worth more money than some people in this country will have in their whole lifetime”. Anyone who finds it “probably would not even know what to do with it,” she said.

Instagram influencer Colleen Grady was slammed for being “racist” after she expressed surprise that someone in “the poorest most overcrowded country” would return her lost iPhone X.

The raging anger of netizens made hundreds of tweets . The post was pilloried on Instagram and Twitter as being racist and ignorant about India’s technological advances. Users also threatened violence and called for brands to stop working with Grady.The fact that India is the second largest English speaking country, and also apple is setting a plant for iPhone to manfucture their flagship makes her perception even worse. Below is a savage and gigressive tweet

Grady’s mother also recieved threats and deleted her Twitter account.

In her apology, Grady said she’s spent hundreds of hours studying Indian traditions, has volunteered in schools, and lived with a host family in India. Her viral post, she said, misrepresents her views on the country.

“I’m sorry my words were perceived in a way that were so far from my true feelings about this country and the people in it,” she said. “In the future, I will be more aware of my language and how my words are perceived.”

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