World Radio Day: Know all about the reason behind its origin

Ever since we have recognized the benefits of Internet, we have barely looked back to the Radios. Radios are one of the most powerful mediums used for communication, especially for transmitting for broadcasting news and other important issues, either good or bad, airing up in the society. One can easily share their ideas and view on any social issue.

 “People disturbed by any affairs can easily raise their voice personally. They can reunite to form a stronger community with the help of Radio. Whistleblower can come up with the sensitive subjects” Said the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on this auspicious occasion of World Radio Day with the amazing theme

February 13th, 2019 is all the more special as, today UNESCO is celebrating the 8th World Radio Day.

What is this day celebrated as World Radio Day?

Spain introduced World Radio Day to UNESCO Executive Board for the very first time at the 36th General conference held on November 3rd, 2011. There after UNESCO comes up to celebrate this event with the new themes every year,“Dialogue, Tolerance and Peace” being the theme for this year’s celebration. People joyfully celebrate this day to mark the existence of radio as one other most commonly used, medium of communication.

It started at 11 am and continues till 4pm at UNESCO Headquarters today, marking radio as a proficient platform for the people for dialogues and democratic debate over the social issues. As promised by UNESCO an around 10 speed workshops were offered to gain hands-on experience in radio production.

This World Radio Day was well planned to call up and build a strong bond between the various communities and groups of people separated by the bars of social issues, like education, health, migration or violence against women, caste discrimination and inspire people to peacefully and jointly pave the way for positive action.

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