Do You Think Your Partner Is Cheating On You?

Cheating in a relationship has become a trend now. Every two relationships out of five experience disloyalty and betrayal. We bring to you some of the not-as-conspicuous signs that you may be overseeing if your partner is cheating on you.

Catch Your Cheating Partner with These Subtle Signs

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Now it is super easy for you to discover your partner’s affair. Text messages, emails, and online credit card statements successfully leave your careless, insignificant cheater with an internet affair trail that is a gigabyte long. All of us are aware of those usual tell-tale signs: weight loss, new music or food interests, replanning the wardrobe, among other things. If your cheating detector is up just because your partner’s conduct feels different or out of the ordinary, then we bring to you some of the not-as-conspicuous signs that you may be overseeing.

Time freak

Fully utilizing those special moments with a lover is an act to balance. So your partner starts counting minutes. Your partner vigorously tries to rationalize their time. In order to avoid any kind of suspicion, they decide to call you exactly at a particular period of the day. Or what they can also do is they uncannily follow a said time table of leaving dot at that time for work, and returning precisely at a given hour. They start drawing timelines and become abnormally speedy or unusually ritualized with their schedules.

 A new lingo

If your partner is spending enough time with the said lover, then he/she is sure to pick up some of his/her expressions and syllables. For instance, you may suddenly notice a heavy usage of an expression, like “Holy Shit”. And if this is the expression that neither of you use, then surely your partner has picked it up from someone they spend a quality time with. Importantly, such an expression would be something that your partner would usually find offensive.

A disturbed routine

You partner’s daily ritual starts getting disturbed now. For instance, unlike everyday’s returning home from work, showering and then snacking changes to something else. With the changed schedule, your partner may come home and go for a surprise jog; or they pour themselves a glass of wine.

Lone long drives

Naturally, you’d also take your seat in the car with your partner wherever you guys are going. But of late, they may find a myriad of reasons to have a few minutes just by themselves. Your partner may usually try to sate your suspicion by saying that “they don’t want to bore you” time and again.

Reliving the naughty life

“Let’s go out get horribly drunk tonight,” your partner says out of the blue. And you know it for a certainty that they wouldn’t say something like in your wildest dreams. Having an affair is no one’s secret. And often, affairs can make people exceptionally young and impulsive at heart again. And this can be deduced from their recent manoeuvre.

The awakened libido

The initial period of the relationship is all about the passionate throes, and now, there’s not much of that matters. But suddenly, your partner’s inert kink snaps up from a prolonged slumber. It is funny because they have always claimed kink didn’t do much for them. The ongoing affair has reawakened their doused libido and, ironically, they’d like it to do the same with you.

You lose your charm

When your partner is having an affair, they get that uncanny feeling that you too are betraying them in one way or another. What they considered your kindness not long ago suddenly starts to irritate them. For instance, you smile at the waiter, and he goes off. Your partner knows you’re a friendly sort, and they always love that about you! But now, this mere cordial gesture seems to provoke them in unimaginable ways.

 Ogling is not flirting

“Did you see the girl next door checking out your pretty butt?” they suggest with a big smile. “That waitress attendant is really your type!” they tease further, leaving you to wonder what happened to their jealous streak. There’s no mystery to that. They are totally affair-fuelled and on a guilt-reducing mission to calmly justify any sort of extramarital attractions.

Affairs are no big deal, duh!

One evening after a long, stressful day at work, you sadly report your best friend’s partner is cheating them. Instead of sharing your sadness, your partner suddenly becomes defensive about your best friend’s cheating partner. They argue things like, “Well, he hasn’t been happy in that marriage,” or “People have affairs. That’s life.” Accusing others means accusing themselves, and they would never do that.

Won’t watch no disloyal movies

Fatal Attraction? Derailed? The Affair? Just forget about it! The plot lines that would have earlier piped up their interests now just make your cheating partner visibly itchy. If the movie involves a full-fledged affair, know for sure that you won’t be seeing it together.

Unhealthy bits

Many people go through some atypical bouts of depression and anxiety because somewhere inside them, they feel guilty of the affair. The stress of keeping such a huge secret can possibly take a visible toll. Some commonly known symptoms may include insomnia, disinterest in eating or an unshakeably blue mood.

Sudden interests

“Did you know about this country that has the highest cat population in the world?” They start spewing facts about things they never even shown interest in before. For the love of god, your partner never even liked cats that much. This is a sign of absorbing their lover’s interests, and finding out a way to talk about him/her without saying as much or arousing suspicion.

The blank stare

The individual who always has an answer now seems lost for words. Their brain is thumped with all the details of the lies that they have told and excuses they have made. When you caringly inquire about their last hangout with friends, you can almost see the wheels turning in their head: Did I tell I went bowling? Where did I tell I dining at? Is she/he trying to trap me in a lie? While they entertain all these possibilities, you’re on the receiving end of that bizarre, distant look in their eyes that you’ve been seeing all too often.

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