Young Trio from Nagpur generate a turnover of Rs 1 crore in 8 months

Pratik Harde (left) , Prateek Mlhotra(centre) and Ritu Malhotra (right)

In a world where Alexa can order a cab for you and Siri can give you a weather update, can’t daily-use products around the home simplify your life? Eventuate Innovations works on that premise. Founded by in 2016, the Mumbai-based startup is the brainchild of three young engineers – Ritu Malhotra, 23; Prateek Malhotra, 26; and Pratik Harde, 27. The innovations it offers include an aquarium that can clean itself and feed your fish and a self-watering and fertilising planter.  This trio’s Rs 5 Spit Pouch Could Curb TB, Swine Flu & Save Railways Rs 100 Crore!

Want to spit? Carry Ezy Spit in your pocket

These three city youngsters ( Ritu, Prateek and Pratik ) too were fed up with the ‘great Indian spitting problem’ but they decided to do something about it.

Now imagine a pocket-sized spittoon that looks like a pouch. It costs Rs 5. You can spit into it, seal it and keep it in your pocket. Don’t be grossed out!

Because this bag turns your spit into a semi-solid biodegradable waste within ten seconds, to avoid your germs from spreading, while converting your spit into a fertiliser that can enhance plant growth.

It also releases a fragrance into the spit bag that turns it odourless. What more? It is tamper-proof and spill-proof and can absorb multiple spits! This isn’t a figment of my imagination. It is one of the leading products developed by an innovative Pune-based engineering trio.

They may be in their 20s, but engineering trio Ritu Malhotra, Pratik Malhotra and Pratik Harde, have already set up an innovative startup, that has made a turnover of Rs 3 crore within eight months! The Better India got in touch with co-founder Ritu Malhotra to document their journey.

Top women startup award

It is a matter of pride that a young Nagpur startup Ritu Malhotra has been selected for Top women startup award at award ceremony organised by CII on 3rd December at Global future business forum in New Delhi.

“Our vision is to make innovative, affordable, and accessible technology in India, and to build products that are safer and easier to use,” Ritu says.

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