Zero Bagging Zero Stars On The Screen

When its almost Christmas and the Badshah of Bollywood is out with his movie, what else can Shahrukh fans wish for to make their holiday worthful? Shahrukh’s latest movie Zero was all in talks even before it was released. Shahrukh Khan, Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif, all the big stars in one frame. Everyone had big expectations from Zero, however, just like the title the movie ended up with zero stars. Really kudos to the acting skills of both Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma, however, apart from that the movie lacked the tremour it had promised to deliver.

Being a Shahrukh Khan movie, people had expected it to bag quite a huge amount as it was released on some 4000 screens and was highly expected to count Rs 400 crore, however it landed up with just the half of it.

We are rather surprised to see such an adverse reaction from the public. Only the day paramours are found to be the one adding up to the movies’ raise whereas the evening and night shows are still as cold as the weather. It is really hard to believe that fans are so unhappy.

Although the scenario is unexpected, it has been decided to keep it in the air for five day weekend right from Friday to Christmas. Hopefully, Christmas could be a good deal, but the conditions would only stand if there is a rise in the collections today and tomorrow. If the people turn up to watch Zero this weekend and sum up to the expected turnover then it probably has to be aired on the screen this Tuesday.
As it was expected to get Rs 400 crore from the first day, these five days would eventually sum up to cross the bars of expectation. Whereas the probability still remains hanging over both the sides. Hope you give would turn this Christmas a day well spent one with Zero.

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